Diana's Treasures

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“Not everyone taken captive is led away in chains.  Sometimes it’s the just the heart. 

And once the heart is captive, the body follows wherever it goes. 


The Temple of Diana in Ephesus was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  Its priestesses were reputed to have given intimate services to the worshippers there.  But now a human trafficking cult has recreated the Temple in a secret place, and is offering their darker version of those services to the rich and powerful. 


Adam Jensen has been crushed by the loss of his wife Sandy to another man, and the near death of his best friend in an accident.  While seeking to make sense of these tragedies he has an encounter with a stranger who entrusts him with a powerful weapon - a guitar crafted by angels, and an assignment yet to be revealed.  Initially resistant, Adam’s mind is changed when he discovers his mission is to rescue his estranged wife, who has been abducted and sold to the Diana Cult, and to destroy the dark forces at work in the Temple. To deliver his wife will be daunting. To win back her love, beyond imagination. 


But Diana has deadly weapons of her own, and she’s not about to give up her treasures without a fight.