Metal Fire: The Mech-Dragon Wars

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Where do you find hope when your worst nightmares have devoured your deepest dreams? 

Mechanized death-dogs and killer robotic birds? Sure. He’d seen the carnage they’d wrought during the northern invasion of America. But dragons? They were nothing more than mythical fantasy creatures made up by ancient storytellers. Even when rumors of mech-dragons began to circulate among the prisoners in Xi Diyu, the death camp where Jacob was imprisoned, he’d written it off as government propaganda, a tool to keep dissidents suppressed and afraid. 

That was until he met Shadow, the beautiful, young resistance fighter who helped rescue him from the camp and was herself, a crack dragon-slayer. When Shadow took seventeen year-old Jacob under her wing as an apprentice in the war against the mech-dragons, he found himself in a conflict beyond anything he’d imagined. 

But the dragons only brought to the surface Jacob’s raging battles within; the mystery of his mother’s death, his guilt over his father’s arrest, and whether to trust the enigmatic android who claimed to be on his side. As the world crumbled toward a mechanized wasteland, Jacob would need every weapon at his disposal, plus a unique supernatural gifting to defeat the forces arrayed against him… and within him.

Metal Fire Scene Gallery (By The Artist J)