Speed Cube

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A Twisted Puzzle of Supernatural Suspense


Ryan’s dad Pete had gone into town to find a competition level puzzle cube for his son. He’d hoped to replace the one Ryan had lost on the school bus. But the cube that he found wasn’t anything like the cube Ryan lost. And the man who came back wasn’t anything like Ryan’s dad.

Imagine you were given a puzzle cube that allowed you to switch bodies with anyone, on command. Now imagine that each switch caused the cube to scramble, and the only way to switch back was to solve it. Sound like fun? Not if you’re Detective Pete Peters, and your first switch was with serial killer “Psycho Sid” Greenberg.

Pete’s heroic intentions have gone horribly astray, and now Sid is on the loose with the cube. As the body count climbs, Detective Peters must find a way to stop the carnage. But how can he succeed, when the killer’s face is constantly changing, and the body Pete is in, is the most wanted man in the state? Even worse, the chilling realization that Pete’s new body has a demonic infestation that could soon turn him into the very man he’s trying to stop.

Speed Cube Scene Gallery (By The Artist J)