Tamalla's Revenge

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All he wanted was to find his guitar. All he did was search the net. But Adam’s secret inquiries have caught the attention of the wrong eyes. Now, with his home and business destroyed, his wife in a coma, and his son taken hostage, Adam must stop the fiery wheels he’s set in motion. 

A fragment from the explosion of an ancient asteroid, the Sister Stone was the key to the portal gate of Diana’s Temple. Adam hoped the stone would be an asset in finding The Harp, the angelic guitar he’d lost while escaping the temple’s destruction. Powerful interests had other plans for the stone however, plans to unleash the very armies of hell upon the earth. Now they’ve sent their best asset to collect it. 

Armed with her demonically-crafted violin, Tamalla will stop at nothing to deliver the prize to her clients. She also has a vested interest in the mission, a seething hunger for revenge against the man who nearly killed her, the man now in possession of the stone, Adam Jensen. 

Adam will need all the help he can muster to stop her. But to get that help, he’ll have to face the secret he’s kept from his family for years, a secret that if unveiled, could destroy them. 

This sonic-warfare sequel to Diana's Treasures is a gripping thrill ride from start to finish.

Tamalla's Revenge Scene Gallery (By The Artist J)