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Worshipper, Composer

I am first and foremost a worshipper of the Living God.
Our loving heavenly Father has captured my heart through His Son, Jesus Christ and I have been forever changed. It is out of that heart of worship that I seek to live all of life. My music is simply an outflow of that life. I've tried to capture all the flavors of this incredible love with songs that range from worshipful, to playful, to reflective, to triumphant. Some compositions have an ethereal edge, tinged by the anointing. Others are flat out celebrations! But my hope is to let His simple grace shine through them all.

Technically, I'm a multi-instrumentalist, arranger-producer. Translated that means I'm so old I've had time to play with lots of toys, figure out a few of them, and pick up some cheap software to record them on. But His Spirit has made me so alive that the odometer seems to be rolling backwards. I love to write, love to play, love to record. And I love to offer my heart on an instrument of six strings! I hope you are blessed by what you hear.

Pastor, Revivalist

As a pastor I have seen where real life and theology connect, collide and otherwise engage. It is at that intersection where His Spirit meets our reality that great things happen. Worship invites and ignites that encounter. Whether it is the outflow of God's Spirit in the heart of a believer or the soul-melting experience of meeting Jesus for the first time, worship can set the stage for a life-changing event. Revival happens when the river of God's power overflows the banks of His church and washes into the community, forever impacting lives. Once again, worship prepares the ground for the flash floods of powerful revival. I pray that you would be touched and changed by the offerings on this site. Thanks for listening.

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